Critical Incident Debriefing

What is a critical incident?

A critical incident is any  incident/event/act that can have a negative and stressful psychological  impact on those who were apart of it, observed it or where in some way impacted by the event.  These events fall outside the range of ordinary human experiences. Examples can include;

  • a colleague having an accident at work that resulted in serious bodily harm or death
  • an event that lead to the death of someone such as a member of the public
  • mass redundancies
  • terror attacks

Common reactions to such events after the fact can include;

  • anger
  • disbelief
  • fear
  • numbness
  • excitement
  • physical symptoms – headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, bowel disturbances
  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • problems with concentration
  • guilt

This list is not extensive.

Following on from any incident people can go through a wide range of unpleasant emotions, which are normal and normally subside after a certain length of time. This doesn’t make them any less scary or easier to deal with.

This where I can help. I can provide those affected with a safe, open, non judgemental environment where they can share their initial reactions and emotions following an event with the aim being to reduce trauma impact, help those affected to recover quicker and to identify those who may need additional support.

It is recommended that debriefing should take place  24 – 72 hours after any event to be the most effective.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries you may have and for costs.